5 Tips to Boost Your Online Bookings

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Approximately 700 million people will be booking accommodations online by 2023. This means it’s now more important than ever to optimize your online booking engine! Don’t know where to start? Well, here are five simple tips you can implement for yourself. It’s time to boost online bookings and increase your park’s revenue!

1. Keep It Simple

While it can be great to provide options that appeal to everyone, it can quickly become overwhelming if you present too many choices. Capture your customers’ RV size during the beginning of the booking process, and only showcase sites that will work for their rig.

2. Upsell, Upsell, Upsell

If you want to increase your revenue opportunities, remind your customers of additional offers or specials during the booking process. You can start upselling with activities, booking add-ons, and rentals! This provides the convenience of purchasing extras before they arrive at your property and is a definite revenue booster.

Not only is upselling an excellent tool to increase the average spend per booking, but it also allows customers to discover more ways to make the most of their stay with you. Some of our most popular items to upsell include propane, firewood, and breakfast.

3. Advertise Promotions & Special Deals

Flash sales and hot deals can generate an influx of new bookings! These can be great tools to boost your occupancy rates when you are in the low season or during shoulder months. Last-minute travel bookings are trending, with more than a 519% increase in Google search terms for “today” and “tonight” over the past five years. So, make sure to offer last-minute specials and deals to attract these customers!

You could also try adding a countdown timer to your Booking Engine. This is a fun way to create a sense of urgency and tempt your customers to confirm that booking.

4. Cater To All Payment Types

If you have limited payment options available, it may deter potential customers from going ahead with a booking. It is vital that your customers have the option to pay with their preferred provider, so try to incorporate various choices. This will make the check-out process a seamless experience.

It’s also a great idea to keep on top of the latest payment trends. Buy now, pay later is now more popular than ever! Offer payment plans on your Booking Engine to make it even easier for guests to secure their stay.

5. Showcase Your Availability 

Availability calendars are a must. They showcase to your customers what site types are available in a monthly view, allowing them to easily plan their stay with you. It is so user friendly and reduces the amount of phone calls to your office team.

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