Train less, to do more


Our initial training is only four hours, because the Newbook system is so easy to use. Of course, we can do it at your pace and offer additional training, to ensure you’re confident before going live.

Safe Practice Environment
On your permanent training database, staff can safely practice using live data, tools and features.
We’re here for you
Staff can login any time to practice, outside training sessions and contact us anytime for tips, reminders or questions.
Dedicated trainers
With dedicated trainers, we can tailor the training specifically to you and support you going live.

All gain, no pain

  • Your own training database

    Practise on a real, live model of Newbook that you can’t break. It couldn’t be any easier!
  • Extended post-training support

    We’re here for you around the clock, so we can support you through onboarding, all the way.
  • t’s easy, so you train less

    Because the system does the heavy lifting, you don’t have to do as much training as other platforms.
  • Flexible pace

    Everyone learns at a different pace, so we’re always ready to match yours.

You’re in good hands

Once your system is live your assigned trainer will be in full contact with you for the weeks ahead, to walk you through and remove any stumbling blocks. You will also have a direct connection to the extended support team to answer questions or provide further training. We understand that everyone learns at a different pace, so we are flexible with the speed of our training sessions.

Shorter is better

If Newbook was harder to use, we would have to train you for longer.

Extended support team

After your first week, you’ll have direct access to our team for additional training or to answer questions.

Newbook training tutorials

Online refreshers

Our online training tutorials are perfect to brush up on what you’ve learned.

Everything is easy from training, transition, cost, and is very user friendly. The support is beyond amazing.

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Learn how to win

When you train to use Newbook, you’re training to make your business more competitive.

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