Newbook vs ResNexus

Are you tired of juggling spreadsheets, outdated tools, and carrier pigeons to manage your property?

We hear you, and we’re here to help.

We’ll dive into a comparison of systems to give you a better understanding of which partner will deliver the best solution for your needs and success.


Diving straight in, Newbook and ResNexus both offer a full suite of built-in features including:

  • Automated Email Marketing

  • Dynamic Pricing & Yield Management

  • Booking System Add Ons

  • Guest Portal

  • Website Design

  • Cloud-based System

Driving Revenue Growth

Newbook allows you to automate SMS upgrade offers and stay extensions.

This means the system will check if there is an upgraded accommodation type available for the length of the guest stay, and SMS the guest to offer the upgrade. IF the guest replies “YES”, this is updated in your system – no manual entry or human intervention required!


ResNexus do not offer this functionality.

Ease Of Use

Newbook has invested heavily in User Interface and User Experience design and development to ensure the feature-rich robustness of the platform is intuitive and easy to use.

Through thorough research on UI, UX, and industry best practise, the system delivers everything you need so all levels of users from beginners to advanced operators can make the most of all features.


ResNexus – without verification of ResNexus’s UI and UX, this will be an important factor to review in your choice of platform.

Newbook Integrations and Connections


Newbook offer 100+ third-party integrations to connect you directly to the applications you need, all within the one system. This means you can scale your business with Newbook.


ResNexus offer 15 integrations.

Enterprise Solutions

Newbook is the leading solution for Enterprise and Corporate businesses featuring a central reservations system to accept and manage bookings across your portfolio. Management of rates, inventory and occupancy, including bulk rate creation, updates, and discount application. Automated multi-property reporting customized to deliver the data that matters to your business. Unlimited access to historical data and single tenancy database hosting to maximize security and speed.


ResNexus does not offer enterprise software.

A Partnership Recipe for Success

Newbook – We know you deserve a system as hardworking as you are. That’s where we come in. We offer a partnership approach because your success is our success.

We start by understanding your business requirements, growth opportunities and goals. Then we set your team up for your definition of success with feature adoption to maximize system value, industry trends so you’re always ahead of the curve, and support to blow your goals out of the water.


ResNexus offer dedicated account managers who review your account a minimum of twice a year to maximize adoption and offer other various management and education services and options.

Key Differences

  • Newbook partners with you to understand your business goals and ensure your team is set up for success with feature adoption, industry best practise, and the support to blow these out of the water.

  • ResNexus offers dedicated account managers and twice yearly reviews.

  • Newbook supports Enterprise businesses with 4-400+ properties with both Enterprise Software and a Central Reservations System.

  • ResNexus does not offer Enterprise Software.

  • Automated SMS Upsells assist you in maximizing revenue and enhancing guest experience that’s completed automated.

  • ResNexus does not offer this functionality.

  • Newbook offers 100+ third-party integrations to connect to partners and scale with you as your business grows.

  • ResNexus offers 15 Integrations.

Information updated 24 April 2023. Please submit any feedback, updates, or corrections to ma*******@ne*****.cloud.

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