Newbook vs Resnexus

Newbook vs Resnexus

Discover the differences between Newbook & Resnexus

How does Newbook compare?

Are you wondering which property management system is right for you? We’ve helped many users make the switch from Resnexus and we’re here to help you make an informed comparison of Newbook and Resnexus.


Do you regularly experience outages? With a 99.95% annual uptime, you can be confident that Newbook is a seriously reliable platform.

Channel Manager

Maximize your online exposure and easily manage all of your online listings in one place – from one page.

PMS Integrations & Third-Party Add Ons

Third-Party Add-Ons

We offer tons of third-party integrations to keep your business running smoothly – from accounting to access control!

PMS Connections to OTAs


Cut down on admin with our automated features. Send guests pre & post stay emails to enhance their experience without lifting a finger.

150 New features and products released, on average, every year.

We are forward-thinkers, providing innovative solutions and products to our community, so they can stay ahead of the trends and meet the ever-changing needs of the 21st century traveler.

We are forward-thinkers

Providing innovative solutions and products to our community, so they can stay ahead of the trends and meet the ever-changing needs of the 21st century traveller.

Cloud-based PMS
Fully Integrated Booking Engine
In-Built Channel Manager
Lock Site
Text Messaging
Native Self-Service Kiosks
Guest Equipment
Online Guest Portal
Open API
Invoice Management
Gift Certificates

Simple to learn, easy to use

Starting with Newbook is easy. Our expert trainers will teach you on your very own database! We can take care of your setup from start to finish, and migrate data from your old system. Plus, our industry-trained support team are available to help you 24/7. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Boost Revenue by up to 56%

Access a suite of simple to use revenue-driving features available on your Booking system and within Newbook

Upgrade Promotions

Increase revenue from existing bookings with SMS Upgrade Promotions. Automatically send out prompts for your guests to upgrade or extend their stays. If they reply YES, NewBook will automatically update their booking and your availability.

Interactive Promotions

Create your own unique digital scratch and win promotion and send it out via SMS or email. Your guests will be able to scratch their digital ‘ticket’ to reveal their offer and be directed straight to your Booking Engine to place a reservation.

Booking Add-ons & Activities

Sell your activities and add-ons directly from Booking Engine so your guests can make their purchase during the check-out process.

Site Selection

Charge a small fee to allow your guests to select their preferred site from an interactive map on your Booking System.

Dynamic Pricing

Grow your revenue by using automated dynamic pricing. As your occupancy increases, so will your rates – it’s automated and one of the easiest ways to generate more revenue.

NewBook Online Sales

Offer flash sales and add a countdown timer to your Booking Engine to create urgency for guests to place a booking.

Earned Revenue

The Earned Revenue Report finds all charges raised/voided, and all credits raised/voided, over the reporting period. The report sums these figures into their General Ledger Accounts and presents a total.

Repeat Charges Report

The Repeat Charges Generated Report contains a list of Repeat Charges that have been generated within the reporting period. This is a great way to report on long stay revenue.

Occupancy Reporting

The Occupancy reports will provide a breakdown of occupancy for any time period selected. This allows you to monitor occupancy and market from the system to help drive further bookings to increase occupancy.

Bookings Forecast

Reviews historical data to forecast your future bookings and allows you to plan future rate models.

Guest Data Report

Build your own report based on guest data. NewBook allows you to add your own filters to export a report based on your needs. Reporting can filter by spend, length of stay, date of previous stays etc. This also helps to deliver targeted marketing communications.

Inventory Items Report and Stock Control Report

The Inventory Items Report and Stock Control Report can show any additional items sold outside of general rate management. This will also flag when stock is low and potentially needs reordering.

Get started on getting sorted, with Newbook

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