Enterprise Property Management Software

It’s as enterprising as you are.

A complicated portfolio demands sophisticated software that’s simple to use. Newbook’s Enterprise Property Management Software means no more forcing square pegs into round holes and recognizes that even when properties share an owner, they have unique characters and individual demands.
Fast, reliable and secure
When it comes to your database, you shouldn’t have to share! Newbook Enterpise utilizes ‘single tenancy’ databases for security and speed.
Combine reporting and data access
See what really matters to your business, building custom reports for individual users with access to all historical data.
Bookings and billing at your bidding
Easily manage rates, inventory and occupancy across any number of properties.

Your Portfolio, streamlined

Central Reservations System

Accept and manage bookings for all your properties.

Manage rates, inventory, and occupancy

Create and update multiple rates simultaneously, apply discounts and manage inventory and occupancy across all your properties.

Automated multi-property reporting

Build custom reports to present the data that matters to your business in a way that works for you.

Unlimited access to your data

Over 20 years of historical data at your fingertips, anytime.
Proactive Cyber Security

Fast, reliable, and secure

When it comes to your database, you shouldn’t have to share so utilizes ‘single tenancy’ databases for security and speed.

Easily Manage Group Rates

The rate management tool allows you to bulk create and update rates, apply discounts, and manage inventory and occupancy across all properties.

Easily apply discounts to sites or rooms across your selected properties with ‘Campaign Rates’.

Centralized Reservations System (CRS)

Just imagine: a potential guest calls and your team instantly checks availability across all properties, compares facilities, then creates their journey before booking them into multiple properties. Then there’s one fast, easy checkout. Job done.

Key Features
 Automated reporting
Open Rest API to connect third-party systems
80+ Reporting Templates
Filters and customization
Background Reporting
Report on entire portfolio or a customized selection of properties

Reports as unique as your businesses.

When you know more, you can do more, especially when up-to-the minute information is presented in a way that makes sense to you and your team. Newbook Enterprise Property Management Software makes it easy to create custom reports for a holistic business overview or broken down by property. 

Fast, efficient, and secure 

No one likes to share a database, so Newbook hosts your information on a single-tenancy database for a secure, speedy experience every time you use it. Plus, our fully customizable structure makes it easy to maintain the unique characteristics of every one of your properties.  

Improved Data Security with unique access credentials
Greater Performance that rapidly increases speed & usability
Increased Reliability with database separation
Deeper reporting Insights on historical trends
Easier & Safer Data Back-Up & Restore

Unlimited access to historical data

It’s your information, so it should be accessible to you anytime. With Newbook you can draw on over 20 years of historical data and insights to create reports in minutes. You can also centralize your reporting through Newbook’s Open Rest API to integrate third-party systems such as Business Intelligence (BI) software, data warehousing and your preferred accounting software.

How does NewBook Enterprise Property Management Software Compare?

While other systems offer a variety of tools, only Newbook delivers the complete suite: 

Historical Data Accessibility 20 years
Fast & Efficient Data Security
Central Reservations System
Multi-Park Bookings
Individual Property Customisation
Campaign Rate Management
24/7 Customer Support
99.99% Server Uptime

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