Dynamic Pricing Software

Harness the algorithm to
maximize your revenue.

Who has the time to monitor occupancy rates to manually set pricing? Thankfully, you don’t have to, when you use a tool that gathers and implements market intelligence to produce your optimal pricing. Just set your minimum and maximum rates — the system will do the rest for you.

Real-time pricing updates
A responsive, time-based strategy that updates prices in real-time to maximize occupancy, this hands-off approach uses predefined rules to automatically update listings without manual intervention.
Upselling tools
Offer stay extensions and room or site upgrades automatically by SMS and send interactive promotions to your email database.
Dynamic pricing
Perfect for permanent or long-term guests, easily updated with automatic receipting.

More sales. More revenue. Winning!

The main goal of dynamic pricing is to increase occupancy — and alleviate low room sales — to maximize revenue. Not only will your rates rise with demand, they will automatically reduce in slow periods, generating more demand and increasing your occupancy, so there’s nothing left unsold!

Be more competitive by adapting to market trends.

Monitoring your different segments for their booking patterns, length of stay, upsell opportunities, and room preferences will give you an idea of which targets will deliver higher ROI. Understanding market trends and patterns will allow you to price competitively for your audience.

Decisions, decisions.

  • Get the jump on competitors

    Ensuring your property is priced at market rate, or just below, is often enough to encourage potential guests to select you over competitors. Length of stay is another consideration — adjust your stay restrictions to fill rooms and give your guests preference over the one-nighters to add a stay extension. Even at a lower rate the added occupancy and reduced cleaning costs will boost overall revenue. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Always the best price. For you.

    Price optimization sets the best possible price for your vacancies based on internal and external factors. Internal factors include average daily rate (ADR), revenue per available room (RevPAR) or site, the average length of stay (LOS), average F&B spend, and cleaning costs. External factors are events, competitor pricing and market trends. 
  • Getting the most from every day

    Days of the week have an influence on dynamic rates. If your target market is predominantly leisure travelers, your rates are likely to increase from Thursday to Sunday. Dynamic pricing automatically adjusts to manage demand for days of the week and seasonality.
  • Holiday and event pricing adjustments

    Holidays and major events such as sporting events, music festivals, concerts, and more, will increase the demand for accommodation over particular dates. It’s important to factor this into your pricing to ensure that you’re maximizing revenue.
  • Choose your rate options

    Create seasonal rates, specials, and packages to encourage direct bookings, whilst offering different rates to third-party sites. You have options such as Dynamic Rates, Master and Dependant Pricing, and Rate Overrides.
  • Urgency sells!

    Highlight special offers to draw the attention of guests and add a countdown timer highlighting the savings if a guest books within the next 24 hours!

See how dynamic it really is!

Being able to manage dynamic pricing directly through your Newbook PMS is a huge advantage. Watch this short video to see a simple demonstration of how it works

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