Channel Manager

More bookings, more often

Let us help you herd those cats! Our Channel Manager syncs with most online travel agents (OTAs) so you can seamlessly manage all your rates and availabilities.

Boost occupancy and revenue
Without increasing expenditure or workload.
More eyeballs mean more bookings
Generate more business from more sites.
Time is money, so save it!
Manage bookings from multiple OTAs — all from one cloud-based platform.
Newbook Channel Manager

So, what is a Channel Manager, exactly?

Channel Management software allows you to manage OTAs, like, AirBnB and many more, from a single platform. Newbook’s Channel Manager offers the ability to push live two-way availability, ensuring your property can’t be double-booked and saves hours of manual updates.

Unlimited listings

You can manage multiple listings for multiple properties – most channel managers don’t have this capability, or they charge extra for each listing. With Newbook there’s no limit.

Built-in, not added-on

Our Channel Manager is an integral part of the software, so there’s no need to sync with third parties. So, if there’s an issue, we’ll be able to sort it ourselves.

Less work. More results!

Our Channel Management Software will arm you with incomparable reach and increase your booking avenues, without increasing your workload.

Automatic Syncing

Seamlessly synchronize your rates and availability across all your online listings.

Real-Time Updates

Instantaneously update your availability calendars with each reservation made.

User-Friendly Interface

Manage all your online listings from Newbook’s centralized platform.

Price Optimization

Gain the insight to optimize your prices and increase profits during seasonal changes.

SSL Encryption

Securely transmit your data to third parties with industry-standard SSL encryption.

Boost your business with Newbook

Check out how Newbook can help bring more bookings into your business.

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