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Automated Reporting & Insights

Newbook stores all guest information so you never need to enter information twice, even for travel agents and corporate clients. Once you start typing a name Newbook will display possible matches.

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Newbook allows you to manage multiple properties with the same login. If you are using Newbook Corporate, you can run reports in one area across all of your businesses.

Newbook can assist with integrating your accounting software, however we are unable to offer accounting or financial advice.


Newbook allows you to automate a wide range of daily tasks for housekeeping, maintenance, events and front office. Automated alerts and reminders will ensure nothing is ever missed!

For more information, watch this helpful video from Newbook expert Zoe.

You can upload an interactive site map into Newbook so guests can choose which site they’d like to book.

Your guests can simply click on the highlighted areas to view important info like site sizes, bed numbers, pricing, and more. Plus, they can click BOOK NOW to head straight to your Online Booking System! Visitors can easily download your park map as a PDF and print it to use on their stay, or you can provide them with a professionally printed version on arrival for a truly bespoke experience.

Our maps aren’t just for your property. Provide your guests with interactive local area maps that promote local attractions and encourage your visitors to get out and explore. You can add photos, text, and contact information to each interactive block!

Newbook allows you to manage multiple Marinas with the same login. If you are using Newbook Corporate, you can run reports in one area across all of your businesses.

You can set up a cash account in Newbook so you can sell fuel and take payments onsite. You can even connect your self-service station to Newbook.

Newbook is housed in Australia in two purpose-built data centres. Multiple daily backups and daily off-site backups are carried out meaning your data is always safe and secure.

None! Since Newbook runs online, all you need is an internet browser.

Newbook is a cloud-based system. There is no hardware required, so it’s different than using software installed on a computer. To use the system, all you need is a healthy internet connection and you can access it from the web. That means you can use Newbook to manage your property from any device and from any location. Plus, our bank-level security standards, daily backups, and local data centres ensure your data is always secure and available when you need it.

Newbook integrates with a variety of POS systems so you can choose the best fit for your business. Newbook sends a rooming list to your POS, allowing guests who have a credit card on file to place charges against their room.

You can upload an interactive site map into Newbook so guests can see the layout of your Marina and descriptions for each berth, allowing them to book the space that suits them best.

Our maps aren’t just for your property. Provide your guests with interactive local area maps that promote local attractions and encourage your visitors to get out and explore. You can add photos, text, and contact information to each interactive block!

You can manage and sell BIG4, Family Parks, Top Parks and TOP 10 NZ memberships from within Newbook. Storing member information in one place will ensure you’ve always got the most up-to-date details on file.

Newbook has an integrated Channel Manager so you can manage tariffs and availability in one place, rather than logging in to all of your accounts.

You can manage multiple listings for multiple properties – most channel managers don’t have this capability, or they charge extra for each listing. With Newbook there’s no limit.

Newbook directly connects with Agoda,, Expedia, Geozone, TripAdvisor, Turu and You can connect to hundreds of other OTAs using a third party Channel Manager, such as Bookeasy, Netroomz, Resonline or Siteminder. Find out more.

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At Newbook, we’re dedicated to supporting you and helping you win in your business. With our 9.6/10 customer satisfaction score, our amazing free support is what our customers love about us.

Free 5-star support you can’t put a price on

Our expert support team based in Gold Coast, Australia and California, USA, all have experience within the hospitality industry – they’ve walked in your shoes. Call us and we do our best to help you on the spot. We’ll answer your call within 10-seconds, on average, and we use TeamViewer to view your screen and walk you through the solution.

Account Management

We evolve together. Newbook is robust, and your business is ever evolving, so your Account Manager will host free, one-on-one meetings tailored to your unique business needs. These meetings are designed to showcase new features you could be using to increase efficiencies and revenue and help you get them implemented. #helpful

An abundance of self-learning resources

On our website, you can find a range of helpful tools available to guide you through your Newbook system. Find tips, tricks, and industry insights on our blog, learn more about out features with our video training tutorials, or head to our Knowledge Bade where you can access 1000+ articles to assist you. If you need extra support, our industry-trained support team is always here to lend a hand.


There are 3 options for key cafe sizing.

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How To

You can access Newbook any time, anywhere – all you need is an internet browser and your login details.

You can contact our friendly sales team to chat about your business and how Newbook can help you. They’ll run you through the system and help with any questions. Once the paperwork is signed you can get started!


Great question! When you join us, you become our partner and we stick by you every step of the way. We know that implementing a new PMS can feel daunting, but we’re experts and have helped thousands of businesses make the switch. Our experienced implementation team go to work for you, first by getting to know your business, then by planning your journey and stepping you through it!

  1. Setup – Your dedicated setup specialist will prepare your database and import historical data if required.
  2. Setup Newbook Your Way – Your dedicated onboarding specialist will work with you to set up your unique database to suit your business to ensure a seamless transition.
  3. Training – Before you go live, we’ll set you up for success with four hours of Newbook training.
  4. Customer Success – Your account manager will continue to support you and help you maximise the system.

At Newbook, we can import data from over 30 PMS and CRM systems. We have the process down to a fine art, meaning your data migration will take just days, not weeks.

Payments & Billing

Newbook integrates with several payment gateways, so you have the flexibility to select your preferred option. We also offer our own all-in-one, integrated payment solution, Newbook Payments. Newbook Payments includes a gateway, along with all the other bits and pieces you need to seamlessly manage your accounting, billing, and payment needs from our central platform.

Newbook has direct integrations with various POS so you can choose which one best fits your business. This includes Bepoz, Clover, Idealpos, and H&L POS to name a few. See all of Newbook’s POS integrations.

You can monitor electricity usage and once you’ve input the readings you can instantly charge your guests using their credit card or direct debit on file.

WordPress Booking Engine Plugin

There are multiple attributes you can add to the shortcode to control the content. Any of the ‘Booking URL Parameters’ can be added as attributes. EG. [newbook_online force_category_id=”5”]

The guest picker is designed to sit at the top of the page, so if your website features a ‘sticky’ header that remains as you scroll, this may overlap it. Custom CSS will need to be coded to correct this. TIP: when a pop-up is open, a class is added to the HTML tag that can be used to apply a fix.

Every website is unique, so the CSS and JS of the website may be conflicting with the booking engine. If you’re not an experienced web developer, you can speak to our friendly Newbook Creative team for assistance.

This is often caused by clashing or missing jQuery or jQuery UI files. Head to the ‘Newbook Online’ tab within WordPress and try unticking the include jQuery and jQuery UI options.

Another cause can be that the website hosting service has blocked the API file. Check the permissions on the API file or ask your website host to unblock it. The API file can usually be found at

This could be for two reasons:

  1. The instance key is incorrect
  2. The region isn’t set correctly

Please double check this information and if you’re experiencing the same error, our creative team can assist.

The plugin provides some customization, however if you need to change the button text colour, padding or border, you will need to write custom CSS to control them. We don’t recommend this unless you’re experienced with updating CSS.

Put simply, adjusting the border radius changes the edges of your buttons from square edge corners to more rounded edges. So, 0px will produce squares edges, 5px is common and 25px + results in full rounded corners.

Simply right-click on some text on your website, click ‘inspect’. Within the ‘Elements’ section, navigate to the ‘Computed’ tab and your font can be found under the title ‘Font Family’.

Ask your marketing team if your brand color codes are located within your company’s Style Guide. If not, you can easily find out the color code by using a browser plugin like Colorzilla.

Your specific region is located within your Newbook domain name. For example, if your Newbook login URL starts with, then your instance is AP (appap). Appus = US, appau = AU, and appeu = EU

This is available upon request from the Newbook Support team.

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