Central Reservation System

Integrated booking
made super simple.

If you manage multiple properties, our Central Reservation System (CRS) is designed to help you consolidate and manage reservations.

Enterprise CRS is designed for internal staff to easily check availability, compare facilities, journey map and place bookings across multiple properties within one transaction on behalf of the guest.

Online CRS is a guest-facing online booking engine, which allows them to browse your all properties and place bookings online.

Centralize your booking process
Newbook’s CRS allows your team to efficiently create and manage bookings across multiple properties.
Streamline operations
Level up your revenue and operational efficiency, with everything you need integrated into one platform.
Increase your exposure
The guest-facing online booking engine allows guests to browse your all properties and place bookings online.

Enterprise CRS

Streamline your operations to save your team valuable time, while also enhancing the guest experience. Facilitating much faster booking times, the CRS reduces missed calls and on-hold times, provides your team with local knowledge and ‘map view’ at their fingertips, and manages single transaction check out for multiple bookings! Enterprise CRS combines the robustness of the full PMS with the simplicity of Newbook Online.

  • Fast, reliable and efficient

  • Multiple booking single check out 

  • Filter Search & Map View

  • Membership Integration

  • Easily Upsell and Cross Sell

  • Manage Multiple Group Bookings 

  • Reporting & Insights

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Individual property view

Help your team efficiently explain the unique qualities of each property by adding a verbatim script, as you display a snapshot of important information — like facilities, activities, rates, discounts, availability, other important details and a summary.

Filter search 

Apply multiple filters in a single search, lightning fast! Once you’ve selected a site or room category only features relevant to your category will display. (Pool, wheelchair access, site sizing, air-conditioning, kitchen, spa, etc.) Filter types include guest profiles, property names or locations, date range, number of occupants, accommodation type, equipment sizing (RV, caravan, marina berth) and more.


You’ll find it easy to offer your guests unique membership benefits and upsell new memberships with offers such as: “Purchasing a membership will save you $$ on your holiday!” You can integrate an existing membership platform or create a customized membership program. The system makes it simple to update the pricing view with membership discounts. 

Map view

Give your team the freedom to search your guest’s location preferences for all your properties by map view, without requiring in-depth property location knowledge or local attraction information. Individual property maps filter availability based on selections and allow for bookings by individual site or room selection. What’s more, you can offer guests the chance to lock in their site or room and boost revenue by adding a lock charge. 

All the payment options, all at once!

Credit card, secure payment link on email, or pay on arrival at individual properties — the more options for your guests to pay, the better! Automatically calculating different deposits based on your rate rules, plus an option to pay custom amounts, Newbook will automatically attribute and distribute funds to the relevant property, once payment is made! 

Online CRS

Your guests will love the convenience of searching for, and planning, trips across all your properties from one, easy-to-use platform. The Online Central Reservations System has helped multi-property businesses streamline operations and enhance guest experiences, while increasing bookings and reducing operating costs. 

Mobile responsive online CRS

Whether it’s on a mobile, tablet, or desktop computer, our Online CRS will work smoothly. Its fully responsive design looks great and works like a dream, no matter what kind of device your guests use to book. 

Abandoned Cart Prevention 

Automatically offer the choice to shorten stays, choose from different accommodation types, or book similar dates when a guest’s preferences aren’t available, with our flexible booking options.

Interactive booking maps 

Display images and descriptions for each of your rooms or sites on your online property map, so your guests can visualize your property and make informed decisions when booking with you.

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