Park Map Design

NewBook Creative is your go-to provider for tailor-made, fully-interactive, beautifully-constructed maps for your property or local area. Entice your guests with vibrant designs, clickable info blocks, and custom branding brought to life by our team of creative experts.

  • Create a map that’s uniquely yours
  • Provide a bird’s-eye view of your property
  • Take your online bookings to the next level

Perfect maps, every time.

Step 1.

First, choose how you want your map to look! We’ll send you some examples so you can easily decide on your preferred styling and colour palette.

Step 2.

We’ll then use Google Maps to make sure the map we draw will be 100% accurate. You’ll provide us with notes outlining all the sites, facilities, or points of interest you want to highlight!

Step 3.

Once we have all the info we need, our talented team of creatives will get to work on drawing you a completely tailor-made park map that will showcase your business in the best light possible.

Make moves with our Interactive Maps.

Take your maps to the next level by adding interactive information blocks. Your guests can simply click on the highlighted areas to view important info like site sizes, bed numbers, pricing, and more. Plus, they can click BOOK NOW to head straight to your Online Booking Engine!  Visitors can easily download your park map as a PDF and print it to use on their stay, or you can provide them with a professionally printed version on arrival for a truly bespoke experience.

Our maps aren’t just for your property. Provide your guests with interactive local area maps that promote local attractions and encourage your visitors to get out and explore. You can add photos, text, and contact information to each interactive block!

Booking Engine Integration

Our Interactive Maps can integrate with your NewBook Booking Engine, meaning guests can select their site and view how far away it is from amenities, facilities, and more!

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