Automated Reporting & Insights

Make better business decisions, with automated reports.

If you want your business to get ahead, reporting is not a nice-to-have — it’s essential. We can help you take control, with the right system — giving you fast results, with reports automatically emailed to you at your preferred time.

Gain valuable insights
Knowing how your guests behave and what they want is critical to any hospitality business.
See the future
Forecasting tools can help you plan for peak times and manage demand.
Manage the money
Financial reports get down to the nitty-gritty of your business.

Occupancy reports

Get insights and compare occupancy rates by month or year, so you can make informed business decisions and plan your marketing efforts. Is there a lull every year after Easter? Upgrade to using dynamic pricing to automatically assist with filling this period. Alternatively, consider running a promotion for locals who don’t need to travel far for a “staycation”. 

Revenue reports

Discover what accommodation types or revenue streams are performing the best, and review those that require attention. Are your kayak tours, bike hire, room service or local tours consistently generating high revenue? Be sure to advertise them on your website, social channels and include them in the online booking process!

Smarter Insights

Learn what really makes a difference to your bottom line with separate revenue reporting for accommodation types, rate types, activities, facilities, events and more. So you can easily determine if your Sunday face painting is a better earner than kayak rentals or your unpowered sites need a little boost with promotional activity.

More reports. More opportunities.

  • Bookings Forecast

    The perfect tool to help you prepare your team for peak travel times, with valuable insights into room/site categories, popular activities and food & beverage demand.
  • Transaction Flow Report

    Balance your accounts — view every transaction that occurs within your business with a breakdown of all payment methods you receive: manual, payment gateways, direct debit, cash and more.
  • Reconciliation Report

    Often used for tax purposes to showcase the assigned General Ledger Accounts, it will likely match the figures on the Transaction Flow Report — payments, refunds and credits.
  • Guest Origin Report

    See where your previous and future guests reside, using a map-and-pin view, for location-specific marketing campaigns, e.g. email potential guests within a 50km radius with a click of a button!
  • Operations Recap Report

    Pull data across a selected date range to get an easily digestible snapshot — how your business is running at a glance — and how revenue is received: EFT, cash, credit card, ZIP etc., along with occupancy levels across site and room categories.
  • High-level summary

    The Operations Recap Report is a high-level, end-of-day, week or month highlight that shows you how many new Booking Deposits have been paid, what is your overall increase or decrease in Creditors & Debtors Ledgers, Category Occupancy and even Cash/Accrual Tax Information.

Newbook can assist with integrating your accounting software, however we are unable to offer accounting or financial advice.

Newbook allows you to manage multiple properties with the same login. If you are using Newbook Corporate, you can run reports in one area across all of your businesses.

Newbook stores all guest information so you never need to enter information twice, even for travel agents and corporate clients. Once you start typing a name Newbook will display possible matches.

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