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After launching additional OTA’s in 2018, we have witnessed a growth of 72% in Channel Manager bookings.”

– Holiday Haven

Get ready for channel management magic.

Overseeing multiple booking channels with multiple accounts can be a pretty time-consuming process, but with our In-Built Channel Manager, you can easily manage all of your online listings in one place.

Automatic Syncing

Seamlessly synchronise your rates and availability across all of your online listings.

Real-Time Updates

Instantaneously update your availability calendars with each reservation made.

User-Friendly Interface

Manage all of your online listings from NewBook’s centralised platform.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with your Booking Engine and Property Management System.

Price Optimisation

Gain the insight to optimise your prices & increase profits during seasonal changes.

SSL Encryption

Securely transmit your data to third parties with industry-standard SSL encryption.

Third Parties

Infinite possibilities.


Our third-party integrations can help connect you to hundreds of OTA’s, big and small. With systems like Siteminder, your property can be showcased to travellers all over the world. The sky’s the limit!


Direct Connections

Reach guests. Secure bookings.

List your rates and availability with the world’s most popular Online Travel Agents and generate more bookings without the need for third-party channel managers.

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