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Bjorvika Apartments

For us the SMS feature in NewBook is brilliant! It saves us time and means less to worry about on a daily basis. Our guests are met from one of our staff members upon arrival. Our guests book an apartment type but not a specific apartment with us. As our apartments are all in the same area but spread over several different addresses, we cannot confirm the exact address of the apartment until one day before arrival. With help from the SMS feature in NewBook we can schedule an automatic SMS that will be sent to our guests with the exact apartment address. The guests can then also easily answer at what time they expect to arrive.

Before we were working with NewBook we had to send this SMS manually. With the many different rules that you can set inside NewBook it is very easy to customise this feature. We also use the SMS feature for upgrade promotions which works very well for us. This is a very nice offer to our guests as they often choose the more economical solution when booking. NewBook allows us to automatically send an upgrade promotion SMS 1 day before arrival, offering our guests an upgrade for a small fee.

If the guest replies ‘yes’, NewBook will automatically move the booking, saving us time and freeing up our more economic rooms for last minute bookings.

Julia-Catherine Huber
Operating Manage

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