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Park Lane Holiday Parks

Park Lane Holiday Parks operate six unique holiday parks in regional Victoria, attracting families from all over Australia thanks to their outdoor facilities, which include ziplines, inflatable water parks, jumping pillows, fire pits, mini-golf, high-ropes courses, laser tag and so much more! With their range of facilities down pat, they switched their focus to sustainability and streamlining processes, which led them to explore automation opportunities.

Park Lane Holiday Parks wanted to ensure they were meaningfully interacting with their guests and that all interactions are fast, efficient and contribute to a great stay experience, while also streamlining and improving efficiencies in their back office operations. They believed their staff’s skills and time could be better spent in other areas of their business instead of wasted on simple administration tasks.

They saw amazing results over Easter with April 2019 producing a 56% growth in revenue from April 2018!

Since embarking on their mission, Park Lane Holiday Parks has truly embraced automation in their business. Coinless washing machines, dryers and vending machines are just a few of the other initiatives they’ve implemented for their guests and the feedback they’ve received has been great!

Automation in our business has driven revenue, managed costs and improved our guest experience.

Park Lane Holiday Parks

They were quick to try paperless check-in and they haven’t looked back! It has sped up the entire arrival process, giving guests the ability to check-in on a mobile device from their vehicle, meaning they can arrive and start enjoying everything the parks have to offer straight away. Did we mention it’s great for the environment too?

One of the back-office challenges they faced was the result of a complicated rate structure. Their Yarra Valley property is situated in a high-volume tourist area and with a difficult rate setup, it was timely to maintain their rates and availability during busy periods. They turned to NewBook to see how they could improve their sales process and discovered that our system provides a range of automated revenue and reporting tools that could assist them. Our integration with IDeaS Revenue Management Solutions has enabled Park Lane Holiday Parks to eliminate their rate challenges and capitalise on high demand periods prior to reaching capacity. NewBook’s reports can also tell them which sites and cabins are their most profitable so they can replicate success factors in their other accommodation, increasing revenue opportunities.

NewBook’s automated surveys allows them to gather feedback about what their guests love and where there is room for improvement. Guests are automatically sent a quick survey via email or SMS upon departure and after receiving consistent feedback about their pool, they invested in a brand new 40ft container pool for their Yarra Valley property!

Using our QuickBooks integration has enabled Park Lane Holiday Parks to automate their data entry, consolidate processes and reporting functions, which has kept labour costs to a minimum in busy periods and has saved their staff two whole days of admin per month! This has given them so much more time to spend on other things!

Park Lane Holiday Parks was the Automation award winner at the 2019 Tourism Innovators Conference. They’ve experienced first-hand how powerful automation can be and the opportunities it brings their staff and guests. To discover how automation can help you achieve your goals, contact our team on [email protected] or call 1300 744 458.

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