Front desk management

Put your front desk
on the front foot.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so Newbook has the tools you need to simplify tasks and streamline operations.

Automatic site size selection
Newbook remembers previous caravanning and camping guests’ preferred site size.
Promo codes and discounts
Track your marketing by offering a 10% discount with code.
Automatic invoicing
Perfect for permanent or long-term guests, easily updated with automatic receipting.

Everyone deserves their own dashboard

You know your team best, so Newbook lets you create multiple dashboards with individualized access privileges for reports, check-in, check-out, housekeeping scheduling … whatever’s necessary to keep your property humming.

Simplify group bookings

Forget about creating a separate booking if one person in a group wants to extend their stay or requires a different room type. Newbook can make individual, detailed adjustments within a group booking.

A booking chart that looks like your business

It’s what you’ve always imagined. Users can drag and drop bookings and set their own default view (Maggie might like a 14-day view while Ben prefers to see 30 days). And automated guest contacts are a game-changer: when a guest responds to an automated email, the system is updated immediately.

Forget about remembering with automated task management

Streamline operations by automatically triggering tasks and follow-on events. For example, when a guest makes a booking, Newbook automatically schedules a departure clean. If a guest asks for a bottle of wine on arrival, a task is created so the request won’t be lost. Or once housekeeping cleans a room and checks off the task, the guest can be messaged straight away.

Reports made to measure in minutes

Up-to-date reports presented your way can be generated lightning-fast (in the case of occupancy, they literally take one second) to help you make informed decisions as you need to.

There’s so much more…

  • Paperless check-in and e-Sign

    Documents like waivers, guest registrations and holding bonds can be signed remotely with Newbook, while contactless check-in can happen via tablet or kiosk or by email.
  • Split bookings make sense

    In busy periods, some guests are eager to secure a longer booking even if it means moving rooms mid-stay. This can happen with a single transaction with Newbook.
  • Linked rooms and family site headaches solved

    Newbook can recognize a room as either one or two rooms, depending on configuration and demand. Great for properties with interconnecting suites. ‘Family sites’ at campgrounds can be created by joining sites for large groups while lodges can be sold by room or cabin.
  • Let Newbook reply to enquiries automatically

    Make marketing emails personal and relevant with details of preferred rooms, sites, and availability. If a guest asks, ‘anything available over Easter?” the system is automatically searched and a reply email is sent with available dates, rooms and booking links. This is especially helpful for big groups and events such as weddings.
  • Seamless ways to sell more

    Increase guests’ average spend without any outlay. Stay extensions, late checkouts, room upgrades, even cancellation insurance can be added at a discount according to availability.

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