Task & Team Management

You’ve worked hard to build a great team.

Let your system take a load off with streamlined and automated operations. They can focus on what’s really important, creating memorable guest experiences; you have greater visibility across your business.

Automate recurring tasks
Spare your team from repetition by automating tasks, checklists, and more that occur regularly.
You love hospitality, not admin
Easily view tasks completed on time, by department to create a meaningful guest experience.
Right Task, Right Person
Ensure your operations are streamlined by assigning tasks to the best team member for the job.

Task and Checklists

Create daily tasks or items on a recurring schedule with the intuitive task management tool.

Guests: Ensure all the dots connect by attaching tasks to specific bookings or guest profiles, such as calling guests for payments or delivering a bottle of wine or extra blanket.

Standard Operations: Create daily, weekly or monthly checklists such as end of day processes or pre-arrival checks and assign them to departments or individual team members.

Events: Run your events, activities and more smoothly with standard event lists so each department knows exactly what to complete and when.


Manage your housekeeping team by forecasting your requirements to assist with staffing and rostering organization. Review the status of rooms at any point in time and assign tasks as necessary or create automation rules, so every time a booking is created your tasks such as departure cleans or linen services automatically appear in the system.

Level up your guest communication by integrating SMS, to trigger an SMS to your guest once housekeeping has marked pre-arrival check completed to let them know their room is ready.


Make going the extra mile for your guests easier by connecting guest surveys to task management and automatically notify your team of guest maintenance issues to be addressed.

Standardize and simplify recurring tasks such as BBQ cleaning, pool chemical checks, gardening, safety checks and more.

Easily review time tracking across all tasks so you know how long each task takes your team.

Keep up the Comms

  • Internal Notifications

    Keep your team connected with internal notifications by creating updates for all staff, specific teams, or between individuals. Your team can create notifications attached to guest profiles, so you are alerted when a guest opens an important email.
  • Internal Messenger

    Use Newbook messenger to quickly and easily send messages between individuals or create group chats to through the system across any device – so you can chat with maintenance, housekeeping and front desk.
  • Website Chat

    Attach messenger to your website for seamless chat functionality to communicate with guests in real time when your team are online.
  • Newbook Broadcast

    Boost team morale and build a positive team culture by displaying incentives, celebrating birthdays and achievements and showing team goals through Newbook broadcast to internal team screens.

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