How To Get More Happy Campers & Save Time (Bonus: Make More $)

As a campground operator, you want happy campers; you likely want more time in a day, and extra revenue is a massive bonus, right? In this blog, we’re here to share a few recommendations from our team to nail all of the above.

1. Booking Engine Extras

Looking for a simple way to increase the revenue you make from your direct bookings? Offer the ability for guests to book extras such as rollaway beds, wine, firewood, etc. directly from your online booking engine. This will bring you more revenue, plus you’ll have time to arrange it before they arrive.

2. Site Selection

Give your guests the option to book their preferred site during their booking process and charge a small fee, such as $5 (just like booking a seat on a plane). This is a great revenue booster for your park and gives guests the option to stay in their favorite site.

3. SMS Upgrades

In times of lower occupancy, use SMS to offer guests an upgrade to a premium site or cabin for a small fee, or send an offer to extend their stay if the site or cabin is available. This is a great way to upsell to your guests, as well as increase occupancy.

According to a 2020 study, 40% of consumers admitted they have at least 50 unread emails in their inbox yikes! However, only 4% have 50 or more unread texts.

4. Dynamic Pricing

Save time by automating your pricing structure and enjoy the extra revenue! It’s simple to set up and one of our clients made an extra $141,000/ year without doing a thing! Simply set your minimum and maximum nightly rates and the system will take care of the rest.

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5. Use A Waitlist

Fill those last-minute cancellations by replacing the booking with a guest from your waitlist. With this feature, you can add guests to a waitlist when their preferred dates are not available. If a cancellation occurs, you can send an email with a direct booking link to guests on the waitlist. When a guest confirms the booking, they will be moved from the waitlist to your bookings chart. Watch to see how it works!

6. Guest Loyalty Program

Looking for a way to attract repeat visitors and reward your loyal guests? It’s time to launch a loyalty program for your property. Acquiring a new customer can cost up to 5 times more than retaining an existing customer – it just makes sense!

7. Offer Gift Cards

You want your happy campers to keep coming back right? Offer gift cards to your property so that your happy campers can share their experience with loved ones. Gift cards are a great product to advertise around the holiday season, so you can see an instant boost in revenue.

Bonus points if they are redeemable online!

Hungry for more tips? Reach out to our team to see how NewBook can help you achieve this at your property.

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