How To Make Online Bookings Easy For Your Guests

Having an easy online booking process is essential. Your website and your online booking engine are often a guest’s first impression of your business, and a clunky process could mean they book somewhere else or via an online travel agent. Check out some of our simple tips to enhance your online booking process and boost those direct bookings.

Tip #1 – Offer an integrated booking engine

An integrated online booking engine means that when your guests are browsing your website and hit the ‘Book Now’ button, the page they land on has your branding and is a seamless process. If they are redirected to a page that looks and feels vastly different from your website, it can be jarring and even leave the customer wondering if it’s secure. Integrating your booking engine provides a seamless experience and reduces cart abandonment.

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Tip #2 – Use high-quality images

Showcasing quality images that are clear and well-lit can make a world of difference. No professional photographer is required. With the right lighting, even smartphones can do the trick. One tip for getting the perfect shot is using the golden hour – find out what this is, how to use it, + more photography tips in this blog (no fancy equipment required).

The human brain is hardwired to process visual information 60,000 times faster than text

Tip #3 – Display live availability

Using an availability calendar is helpful for guests who may not have set dates in mind and are simply browsing for when a particular accommodation type is next available. By displaying this on your booking engine, guests will easily be able to view availability for specific dates and better plan their trip.

Tip #4 – Offer multiple payment options

Make it easier for guests to secure their stay by offering a range of payment options such as PayPal, payment plans, upfront deposits only, ZipPay, and more. Plus, you can reap added benefits: BIG4 Beacon Resort implemented BPAY payments, which saw their credit card merchant fees drastically decrease by 41%!

Buy Now, Pay Later continues to boom, and businesses need to adapt to consumer needs. It will also assist in maintaining a steady cash flow for their business, with same-day settlement.

Amy Gibbons
Head of Product, NewBook

Tip #5 – Showcase your features

Use clear descriptions for each of your accommodation types on offer, and include the features available. For example, the retreat cabin includes 1 x TV, Wi-Fi, 1 x 2 x beds, etc. This will enable guests to select the accommodation type that is best suited to their needs.

Tip #6 – Flexible booking options

Tap into every guest’s fear of missing out and use a booking engine that automatically offers different options (extend or shorten stays, different accommodation types, similar dates) when a guest’s preferences aren’t available.

These tips will help make online bookings at your property easy and seamless for your guests. Click below to discover more about NewBook’s integrated online booking engine.

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