How to Master Your Task Management with Newbook

Task Management helps people collaborate, share information, and reach individual and team goals quickly and efficiently. Without it, communication lines become crossed, deadlines get missed, the wheels stop turning, and things just don’t run as they should.

Are you managing your tasks effectively?

Within NewBook, there are many ways you can manage your tasks and here are just a few of our favourites.

Task Checklists

Task Checklists are super helpful when it comes to remembering procedures and ensuring 100% accuracy. Unlike Checklists, these lists apply specifically to Tasks so that your team can mark off individual items that need to be done to complete a Task. You have the option to make it mandatory to tick all items before a Task can be marked as completed. This way, your team will never miss a beat when performing their daily duties.

Tasks Chart

The Task Chart is an excellent alternative for those who prefer to see a chart mode of their bookings and Tasks together. This easy-to-use chart provides a visual overview of the bookings you have arriving and departing and any Tasks relating to them. You can even complete Tasks straight from the chart!

Task Calendar & Task List

The following Task management features can help you quickly assess and change Task allocation and Task priorities.

The Task Calendar feeds through all your Task information into a classic calendar format. This tool is great for planning your attack for the week. You can easily see all your Tasks laid out before you and quickly evaluate your staff requirements.

On the other hand, a Task List can be allocated to a specific department, like housekeeping or maintenance. Within a Task List, you can assign Tasks and complete them in bulk, and view only those relevant to the business area.

Tasks Map

The Tasks Map provides another visual overview of Tasks, but this time, marked by physical locations on your property map. We designed it to help maintenance personnel find their way around your property and navigate to each Task. The Tasks can be filtered by the due date, category, or Task type. This way, plumbers, gardeners, or other maintenance personnel can easily plan their route from Task to Task and manage their time on site. They can even mark their Tasks as complete directly within the map instead of navigating elsewhere.

Default Booking Task

The Default Booking Task feature allows you to add a Task onto bookings within your set parameters. If you require a departure clean, mid-stay service, or a pre-arrival check on your sites, then a Default Booking Task is what you need!

Task Template

The Task Template feature allows you to set up default information for a specific Task, such as the Task type and priority. This feature is excellent for freeing up time because all data will be pre-filled each time you add a Task to your list using its Task template.

Task Reporting

Tasks Completed Report: The Tasks Completed Report is our most extensive Task report. You can use it to view the number of Tasks your team has marked as completed and when. This report is great for comparing the amount of time it takes for each of your staff members to complete a Task or establishing what Tasks require the longest time commitment.

Tasks Scheduled Report: The Tasks Scheduled Report provides a time-based comparison of the Tasks Scheduled vs. Tasks Completed over a specified reporting period. Unlike the previous report, the Tasks Scheduled Report shows all tasks in your NewBook system, regardless of their completion status.

Booking Movement Summary: The Booking Movement Summary compares arrivals & departures throughout the reporting period grouped by each room type. This summary is excellent for rostering and planning out Tasks for the week ahead.

Time Tracking for Tasks

NewBook can record the time it takes to complete your Tasks by enabling an Instance Setting called “Enable Time Tracking for Tasks”. When enabled, NewBook will record when a Task was started, the time it was completed, and the total time taken to complete it.

SMS Tasks

If you’re looking for a speedy way to manage your Tasks, we suggest using one of our useful SMS options. You can use SMS to remind a team member of an upcoming Task and include a code within the message used to complete the Task. To do this, the team member need only text the code back to mark the item as completed within the NewBook System. You can also use SMS to automatically send your guests messages when specific Tasks have been completed. For example, if their room is now ready, you can alert them to this to speed up their check-in process.

Audit Log

Accountability is crucial for all businesses. It underlines taking responsibility for individual and group commitments. Using task management software to instill accountability within your team will determine their approach to reaching their objectives.

NewBook features an in-built Audit Log designed to help you oversee changes and improve accountability within your team. This report allows management-level staff to track changes made in your NewBook system and view who made them and when.


Speaking of accountability, NewBook will make sure your staff never misses a message again!

Using the Notifications feature, you can quickly send messages to your team, which must be marked as read. From the Notifications page, you can even view when Notifications are dismissed or viewed and when, so you’ll always know who has seen the information you’ve provided.

Task management software is so much more than just a to-do list! There are so many ways that it can positively impact your business performance. We hope this article has helped introduce you to all the awesome task management features available in NewBook. If you want to learn more, get in touch with our friendly team here.

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