App My Community + Newbook

Create a mobile app for your resort to enhance your guests’ experiences. Anticipate guest needs, communicate in real time and increase resort revenue. Help your people find everything in one place—on their phone.

Everyone’s got a smartphone. Use it to create even more memorable moments.

App My Community creates individual customized mobile apps that are branded to your resort. Serving over 200 communities of different shapes and sizes, each offering different amenities and working hard to make their brand stand out above the others.

A customized mobile app keeps your brand with your guests at all times. Push notifications can be tailored to go to specific groups. Custom forms allow guests to communicate information quickly and easily to the resort. Staff only sections can be created to aid in onboarding and ongoing communications Revenue opportunities are not missed because the guest doesn’t know the store hours or the process to rent your amenities.

Why list with App My Community?

  • Keep campers happy – Guests can find everything needed to fully enjoy their stay, be it the activity schedule, resort map, local restaurants and attractions, even the tide schedule or hiking trails.
  • Make life easier – Automate manual processes. Respond quickly to problems. Stop using so much paper. Watch staffers be-and-do their best work. Communicate with guests more efficiently.
  • Generate revenue – Guests can make purchases directly from your app, whenever and wherever, you want them to. Using Newbook and App My Community, these charges can be added directly to their site bill.
  • Create more community – Promote more events. Generate more interest. A brand that stands out from your competitors.

How to connect to App My Community

It’s easy to get started!

Request Newbook to grant the App My Community Team access to your Newbook instance. The App My Community team will work with you on which features you’d like to utilize with the integration!

Ready to
make it happen?

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