Venue Sumo + Newbook

Venue Sumo is a POS and venue management solution with online ticket booking, birthday party management, waivers, and more. Perfect for managing your campground’s water parks, activity zones, family entertainment centers, trampoline parks, and indoor play areas.

Venue Sumo streamlines operations by automating tasks such as booking, payments, and incident reporting, saving venues valuable time and resources.

Its user-friendly POS, cloud-based system integrates with various payment processors and newbook for the charge to room feature, ensuring seamless and efficient venue management.

Venue Sumo enables Newbook customers to charge to rooms and run their POS and payment terminals on the same device. This integration allows campgrounds to efficiently manage capacity-based admission products and streamline their operations.

Why integrate Venue Sumo with Newbook?

  • User-Friendly POS Systems: Venue Sumo’s point-of-sale systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, minimizing training time and maximizing efficiency.
  • Cloud-Based to Share Hardware with Newbook: The system is browser-based and can seamlessly run on the same device and payment terminal hardware as Newbook. This integration simplifies operations, providing a cohesive and efficient setup for managing the venue.
  • Birthday Party Booking Automation: Venue Sumo saves venues up to 20 hours per week by automating the entire birthday party booking process, from initial booking to payment and delivery.
  • Comprehensive Venue Management: The software offers a complete solution for managing the venue, from booking and payments to incident reporting and waiver check-ins.

How to connect to Venue Sumo

1. Go to and book a demo with our team to discuss your POS needs.

2. The team at Venue Sumo will help you migrate your data, build your venue in our system and connect to you newbook account.

3. Go live and allow your guests to charge POS items to their room and book time based activities.

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