Elevating the Hospitality Experience: The Newbook and Storable Partnership

I’m thrilled to share news of a groundbreaking partnership that will reshape how we drive innovation, efficiency, and exceptional experiences for our customers and their guests. Newbook’s recent acquisition by Storable marks a pivotal milestone—one that signals a future where cutting-edge technology seamlessly enhances every facet of property operations and customer service.

Chuck Gordon, Storable’s CEO, recently articulated our shared commitment perfectly: “We are united in our obsession over developing customer-focused solutions that reshape operational norms through innovation.” This acquisition is much more than a business transaction—it represents the coming together of two industry leaders, complementing each other’s strengths to set new standards for operations and guest experiences.

At the core of this union are shared vision and values: revolutionizing the end-to-end property management experience for the hospitality sector. Storable’s comprehensive technology solutions for self-storage and marine properties have been trailblazing across these industries. By joining forces with their team and tapping into their deep operational expertise, we are not just aligning our goals but also reaffirming our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

This collaboration is fueled by a mutual enthusiasm to deliver more innovative solutions and enhance the customer experience. Together, we have an incredible opportunity to elevate Newbook’s offerings to new heights, ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the best.

Here’s a snapshot of what this collaboration means:

  • Holistic Data Insights:  Seamlessly integrate property management, payments, revenue management, mobile guest experiences, market data insights, and more—all within a single unified platform powered by best-in-class technologies.
  • Accelerated Innovation: With enhanced resources, we can expedite our innovation roadmap for the industry. Expect swift rollouts of cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique needs.
  • Operational excellence:  Beyond technologies, benefit from Storable’s profound operational expertise, market reach, and support. Storable has a long track record of success in elevating industry standards—and we’re eager to harness it for our mutual benefit!

This partnership is more than just combining resources—it’s an opportunity to completely reimagine the future of outdoor hospitality property operations and guest experiences. Our mission is clear: to develop increasingly intelligent solutions that solve our customers evolving challenges and open new frontiers for growth.

I’m thrilled about the opportunities on the horizon and look forward to leading Newbook’s integration into the Storable family. The future has never been brighter for creating unmatched outdoor hospitality experiences.

-Shaun Cornelius

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