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Meet Parki, BDO’s real-time data tool designed specifically for caravan parks

Talis Evans, Digital & Improvement Executive at BDO introduced Parki at the 2017 Tourism Innovators Conference.

Parki is a concept for a real-time tool designed to help make data-driven decisions in your business and has been developed specifically for caravan tourist parks in collaboration with the Caravan Industry Association of Australia. Parki will connect to NewBook and your bookkeeping software so you can easily analyse your data in real-time, allocate expenses to various categories of accommodation and compare your park against industry averages. The integration will allow you to use your NewBook data to analyse accommodation categories, rates, occupancy levels, gross profit and historical data, which will help you reduce costs, increase revenue and future-proof your business. For more information about Parki, please visit or register your interest by contacting Talis on [email protected] or +61 8 7324 6000.

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