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Newbook Launches Cutting-Edge Enterprise Central Reservation System

Mockup image of Newbook's latest innovation - Enterprise Central Reservation System

Newbook’s new launch of their enterprise central reservation system is a game-changer for the hospitality industry, enabling multi-property operators to streamline their booking process, reduce call time, and increase revenue by offering enhanced upsell opportunities.

Newbook, a prominent provider of enterprise-grade solutions for the hospitality industry, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Enterprise Central Reservation System. This cutting-edge system is designed with the unique requirements of multi-property operators in mind, enabling them to conveniently access each property’s availability, pricing, and facilities from a single screen. Additionally, guests can now enjoy the ease of a single checkout for their bookings. As a result, the system is expected to significantly reduce call times, missed calls, and enhance guest experiences.

“Newbook is committed to innovation, and the launch of our Enterprise Central Reservation System is a testament to that. We are excited to provide our Enterprise partners and future partners with a solution that streamlines their booking process and enhances the guest experience,” said Shaun Cornelius, CEO of Newbook.

Newbook’s announcement of the launch of its Enterprise Central Reservation System comes on the heels of a series of recent system updates and a brand refresh. The company has made significant strides in improving the user experience, user interface, and system performance, all of which have contributed to the success of its new system launch. In addition, the company has continued to invest in research and development to ensure its solutions remain at the forefront of the industry. With these latest updates and the launch of the Enterprise Central Reservation System, Newbook is well-positioned to continue leading the way in providing innovative enterprise-grade solutions for the hospitality industry.

Journey mapping is an upcoming trend in the hospitality industry that allows businesses to advertise journeys between their properties and allow their team to place that booking in the system, efficiently in one transaction.

Says, Head of Product, Amy Gibbons

Although Newbook provides a diverse range of tools catering to younger generations such as Gen Z and Millennials, older generations still favor booking accommodations over the phone. Newbook’s tools have assisted in streamlining this process, making it more convenient for older customers to place bookings.

A recent survey by KOA suggests camping is still very strong amongst the older generation of Gen X sand Baby Boomers as 44% of new campers are 40 years and older. Similarly, IBISWorld’s latest industry report tells us revenue for the Australian caravan park industry is expected to grow over the next 5 years at an annualized 4.3%. The ageing population is forecast to significantly contribute to this with travelers aged 35-54 having the most discretionary income and travelers 55+ having the greatest amount of leisure time.

This segment of the market constitutes a significant portion of the revenue and holds established booking preferences. Despite conducting online research and using travel websites and social media platforms, this demographic prefers booking their accommodations by phone, particularly when planning a multi-destination trip, due to established booking habits.

As reported by IBISWorld, being part of a group that provides loyalty programs and multiple destinations is a crucial success factor, and multi-property caravan and holiday parks will reap a substantial share of the benefits.

Efficient handling of phone bookings is crucial to tap into the market growth of older generations. However, it can be challenging to provide information about multiple accommodation options across multiple properties and consider various preferences such as caravan size, facilities, and more, leading to longer call times, missed calls, and missed opportunities. This is where the impact of Enterprise CRS technology on multi-property operators becomes significant, providing speed, functionality, and an enhanced UI. The technology also enables teams to offer guests additional options such as activities, upgrades, food, and beverage to enhance their stay, resulting in an estimated 10% increase in average upsells.

“We are confident that our Enterprise Central Reservation System will be a game- changer for businesses in the hospitality industry.”

Says, CEO, Shaun Cornelius

Newbook has made the Enterprise Central Reservation System accessible to all Newbook Enterprise clients, delivering an all-encompassing platform that streamlines operations and enhances the guest experience.

Enterprise CRS overview with multiple bookings
Enterprise CRS Unique Property Information View
Enterprise Central Reservations System
Mockup image of Newbook's latest innovation - Enterprise Central Reservation System
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