Importing data from YesBookIt is easy.

Here’s a list of all the information we can import. If you have any questions, please head to our Knowledge Base or contact our friendly team.


  • Accommodation Categories Types

  • Accommodation Categories – This does not include, images, descriptions etc.

  • Accommodation Sites

  • Accommodation Features


  • Full Name

  • Address

  • Phone & Fax Numbers

  • Email Address


  • Stay Dates

  • Occupancy (Adults)

  • Specific Status

  • Stay cost as Booking Quoted Tariffs

  • Booking Inventory Items (Booking Fee, Guest Surcharge, Cleaning Fee, Bond)

  • Additional Charges or Credits (This comes across as bulk charges on the booking account – No breakdown of specifics) – This means on live day you need to separate

  • Payments (Payments can only be brought over when there is an amount overdue since we need to use the Payment Arrears Report)


  • Full Name

  • Email Addresses

  • Phone & Fax Numbers

  • Car Rego Numbers

  • Address


  • Tariffs Periods

  • Tariffs

  • Tariffs Types

  • Applied Tariffs

Specific Items that cannot be imported:

  • Additional Charges or Credits on bookings all come across as bulk charges on the booking account – No breakdown of specifics- This means on live day you need to separate. Please ensure you are prepared to do this.

  • All previous bookings before the NewBook live start date will have no billing and no financials. Trust must be disbursed in your old system the day before you go live as NewBook does not bring through old financial data, NewBook will start at Zero.

  • Payments can only be brought over if they have been paid in full. We know there are 3 types of payments in YesBookIt- Called deposit, Called balance & Hold deposit. It is these that must be paid in full for them to be imported.

  • Companies

  • Owner Contracts

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