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Managing a property is no small feat, so finding the time to put into marketing efforts can sometimes feel overwhelming. But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be! This blog will highlight some of NewBook’s handy tools to help take the guesswork out of marketing. Plus, now is the time to capitalise on this domestic tourism boom so, let’s get into it.

Easy Email Marketing

Everyone is always looking for their next getaway. So, pop up in their inbox and remind them of what they are missing out on at your property! Using our Contact Templates and Marketing Campaigns, you can create and send targeted (we’ll talk about this more soon) emails with your latest offers, discounts or general news. When you want to track your campaign success, you can quickly review insights such as clicks, unique opens, and unsubscribe rates.

Want to get a little fancier? NewBook integrates directly with popular marketing platforms, Mailchimp and Act-On!

Simple Survey Tools

What makes your business special? How can you set yourself apart from the rest? With so much competition, it’s crucial to determine what your unique selling point is.

NewBook allows you to send automated surveys to your guests to help you understand what they love (and don’t love) about your property. Understanding how your guests feel allows you to tailor your marketing to highlight your points of difference and improve upon downfalls. You can even prompt high-rating guests to visit online platforms, like TripAdvisor, and share their excellent feedback with other potential customers.

Our integration with ReviewPro means that you can automate surveys to go out to your guests at any time, such as mid-stay or after their departure. Their answers will be saved directly in NewBook so you can easily access information at any time.

Interactive Promotions

Our new Interactive Promotions feature is a great tool to engage with your guests and create a sense of excitement. It’s just like a virtual Scratchie!

So how does it work?

  • Create your promotion within the ‘Interactive Promotions’ page in NewBook
  • Get creative with your prize on offer and select the odds of winning.
  • Customise the colour to match your branding
  • SMS or email your promotion to guests, and watch your bookings roll in as guests start to claim their prize.

Some examples of prizes you could offer include discounted rates or a bottle of champagne on arrival; the options are endless! If they’re a winner, they’ll be directed straight to your Booking Engine – it’s so easy.

Newbook Online Sales

Did you know that creating a sense of urgency can increase conversions by more than 300%? Yep, that’s huge, and with NewBook Online Sales you can create urgency by adding a countdown timer to your Booking Engine! Countdown timers are a visual cue that reminds users that they must take action if they want to bag a bargain.

Set it up for yourself on the NewBook Online Sales page.

Guest Report

Say hello to your new favourite tool, the Guest Report. In this report, you can filter by all sorts of information. For example, demographics such as age, gender, location, accommodation type they stayed in, if they have children on their booking, and more! So how can you use this to your advantage?

Upgrade Promotions

In the days leading up to the guest’s arrival, you can offer an upgrade through email or 2-way SMS. For example, this could be an upgrade from a standard villa to a spa villa at an extra $20 per night. At this point, guests have generally forgotten the initial spend of their accommodation expenses, and excitement is kicking in! Every little bit adds up, and it’s a sure revenue booster for your property.

You could also send out a stay extension offer a few days before the guest is due to depart. For example, you could offer a 50% discount on a standard room rate if they decide to stay for an extra night. Not only is this a great way to boost occupancy rates, but it’s always better for your business to get that additional revenue (even at a discounted rate), rather than leaving a room empty.

If the guest replies with your confirmation code, NewBook will automatically update their booking and add the appropriate charges to their client account.

To try these out for yourself, visit Upgrade Promotions in NewBook.

Lastly, Social Media

Although social media isn’t a NewBook marketing tool, it is an essential aspect of your marketing efforts. As of 2021, 3.96 billion people worldwide are active social media users. 

Here are some helpful tips to enhance your social media strategy:

  • Interact with your guests! Create and maintain a positive relationship with your guests, make them feel like part of your community. This may include sharing guests’ photos, interacting with their comments and liking posts about your property.
  • Stay active across your socials. A recent study of millennials found that 73% check a company’s social media before booking accommodation. Make sure you find the time to regularly post to keep your guest’s and potential guests updated.
  • Share relevant content, such as high-quality images or videos of your property. This will showcase your property in the best light when a potential guest visits your page.

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