Tips to building guest loyalty

Never underestimate the importance of guest loyalty. When a business is committed to recognising guest loyalty, it promotes repeat stays, referrals and accelerates the growth of the brand. So how can you create loyal guests that keep coming back for more? Check out these tips…

Make Customer Experience a Priority

Go the extra mile in all guest interactions. From the second your guests land on your website to the moment they check out, your guests form their perception of your business and how it has made them feel. With expectations higher than ever, it’s essential to deliver excellent customer service online and in person. Take this, for example; a recent study showed that 89% of participants believe a quick response to an initial inquiry is important when deciding whether to engage with a business or not. Additionally, nearly half of those said they would look elsewhere after just one negative experience.

Our tips:

  • Use an online chatbot to answer guest questions instantly
  • Use automated emails to confirm bookings immediately
  • Keep notes in your PMS on guests, such as their favourite wine or preferred room number
  • Offer Self-Service like kiosks or online portals to avoid long queues at reception or phone hold time

Provide Extra Value

Everyone wants to feel like a VIP. Make your guests feel extra special with additional touches that elevate their stay experience and leave a lasting first impression. Your guests likely won’t be expecting it, so often it’s very memorable for them.

Our tips:

  • Chocolates upon check-in and check-out
  • If your guests have indicated it’s a special occasion, why not surprise them with a bottle of wine or simply mention it upon check-in
  • Complimentary drink on arrival or cold towels if you operate in a humid climate
  • Offer package deals on your booking engine, eg. ‘Romance Package including bottle of wine, couples massage, candlelit dinner’

Guest Loyalty Program

Did you know that customers part of a loyalty program are 59% more likely to choose the brand than others? Loyalty programs make guests feel part of something special, and you should be able to set up your own custom program within your PMS. You can define how your program works and how points and rewards are allocated.

Our tips:

  • Send targeted marketing emails to your loyalty program guests with special offers
  • Offer 10% off stays for all loyalty program members
  • Provide special birthday offers exclusively for members only.

Gather Feedback

Asking guests for feedback shows that you genuinely care about their experiences. Not only does this allow future guests to view the positive experiences guests are having at your property, but it helps you understand where you should be investing in your business. For example, are guests consistently mentioning that the pool area is old and looking run down? Then it’s time to upgrade!

Our Tips:

  • Make sure you’re acting on feedback to show that you value their opinion
  • Send automated surveys upon check out
  • Automate SMS surveys during the stay so you can rectify any issues before they check out. It shows you go above and beyond for them.
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