Booking & Guest Management

Booking & Guest Management

NewBook Messenger

NewBook Messenger is the perfect tool to instantly communicate with your Guests and staff. Quickly see which staff are available to assist with requests so you're always on top of everything, even in busy times. You can also create group chats to communicate with multiple staff at the same time. Simply update your online availability and your guests will be able to chat with you at a click of a button. To assist you further in busy periods our artificial intelligence guest assistant, NEW.B.I.E, can be integrated with Messenger so if your guest needs to speak with a staff member, they won't even notice the transition.

Multi-Category Bookings

Guests can place multi-category bookings online instead of having to call your property or make two separate bookings. Once Guests have entered their dates, they will be able to choose from different room types if their preferred option isn't available for their whole stay.

Group Bookings

NewBook allows you to easily manage group bookings on one screen. You can bulk update guests’ details, such as billing information and travel dates as well as individual details without having to open each booking.

NewBook makes it fast to update details in bulk. There are several ways to make changes: inside NewBook, CSV or NewBook Online.

Group organisers can easily make changes themselves instead of contacting your property. This is very useful for adding dietary requirements and updating contact details. Each time a change is made the guest's profile will automatically update inside NewBook.

Manage Group Bookings

  • Update details in bulk in NewBook and online
  • Add dietary requirements
  • Update guest and billing details on one screen

Split Bookings

Split Bookings allow you to maximise your availability and increase your revenue opportunities. NewBook lets you split a booking across multiple rooms which is useful if you don’t have one room available for a guest’s entire stay. If you need to move an in-house guest, you can create a split booking so you don’t lose the information about the first room they had reserved.

Quotes and Availability

Looking for another revenue generating stream? Providing quotes is a great way to gather interest in your property without an upfront commitment from your guests.

NewBook makes it easy to provide your guests with quotes for their stay. You can send multiple room categories, tariffs, photos and information about your property to help your guests make a decision.

Placing an expiry date on your quotes creates a sense of urgency for your guests so they’ll make a faster decision. Guests can even book and pay through the quote link, making it quick and easy to secure their booking.

Quoting Tools

  • Tariffs or Availability
  • Images and Information
  • Quote Expiry Date
  • Book and Pay

Guest Equipment

You can add important information about your guests which is useful for their stay, such as caravan or boat dimensions. This is useful for repeat guests so you don’t have to ask them the same questions each time they stay.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are a great option to have available for purchase – whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas present, or simply just to say thank you. They also provide another revenue stream for your business.

At A Glance

  • Customise Your Design
  • Personalise Your Message
  • Redeem Online

With NewBook, you can sell Gift Vouchers online through your website as well as offline by your staff.

Customising the design of your voucher can help increase your brand awareness as people will recognise your colours and logos. Gift Vouchers can easily be redeemed by booking online or speaking to one of your friendly staff. When you purchase a Gift Voucher you can choose where it’s emailed so you don’t ruin the surprise!

Membership Programs

Manage guests’ contact details with NewBook’s Membership Programs. Entering a guest’s Big 4, Top 10, Top Parks or Family Parks membership number will allow you to retrieve contact details and past reservations, saving you time and increasing the accuracy of your records. You can even update Top 10 and Big 4 membership information from inside NewBook.

Cancellation Insurance

NewBook can offer you the option to automatically sell your guests affordable cancellation insurance to cover their stay, protecting your revenue and providing peace of mind for your guests.

Benefits To Your Business

  • Reduce Lost Revenue
  • Reduce Stress
  • Receive Commission

Reduce the number of stressful phone calls from guests demanding refunds and the inconvenience and loss of revenue.

If a guest cancels their booking due to an insured event, they will speak directly with Chubb Insurance and make a claim to be reimbursed for non-refundable accommodation costs. This means your business keeps the revenue and you will also have the opportunity to resell the room/cabin/site and generate further revenue. You will also receive AUD $1.00 incl GST commission per insurance policy sold which could add up to thousands of dollars per year, without even lifting a finger!

All insurance queries and claims are handled by Insurance Advisernet and Chubb Insurance directly so there’s no need for any input by your staff.

When making a booking online, your guests will be asked if they'd like to protect their booking for a small fee. For manual and third party bookings, your guests will receive an email asking if they'd like to purchase cancellation insurance.

* Please note, staff at your property are not able to sell insurance directly.

How It Works

  • Online Bookings
  • Manual & Third Party Bookings
  • Automated Prompt or Email

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