Boost Your Online Bookings With Google Hotel Ads

Millions of travellers around the world search for accommodation on Google every day. So why not boost your online visibility and gain more direct bookings with Google Hotel Ads?

As our newest integration, NewBook users will now be able to connect with thousands of potential new customers and be featured on the world’s largest digital marketplace!

So, what exactly is Google Hotel Ads?

As travellers search google for accommodation in your local area, a list of all participating providers will appear in a concise list, making it simple for users to compare their options. For example, here is what appears when you search for ‘Resorts Gold Coast’ in Google.

Introducing Free Booking Links!

Now for some even more exciting news. Earlier this year, Google released free booking links within Google Hotel Ads. This means more direct bookings without the price tag! Essentially, this means that there is now an organic list displayed to customers searching for accommodation (not paid advertisements). Your organic listing will feature your property details, images, customer ratings and pricing. Your current availability will also reflect on your listing, meaning you won’t be risking double bookings. From your listing, guests will be able to see the websites where they can book, including your own direct website and all other channels such as or Expedia.

Hot Tip – To make your property stand out from the crowd, ensure your rates are competitive with the OTA’s prices. This will encourage guests to book directly through your website and save you from paying extra commission fees to third parties.

The top section of the search results includes paid listings, which you may already be familiar with. It means your property will be displayed at the top of the results to ensure your property is one of the first that customers will see when searching for accommodation on Google.

The introduction of free listings is a great opportunity for properties to compete with the big brand names that spend big on digital advertising. So, if you are looking for a low-cost way to boost your online presence, this is an excellent addition to your current sales and marketing strategy.

Hot Tip – A simple tip to attract new guests is to keep your listing fresh! Make sure you regularly update with photos, competitive pricing and encourage guests to leave reviews on Google.

Get in touch with NewBook to get started!

You don’t need to be a hotel to have your property listed, they host multiple accommodation types! NewBook is now a Google Hotel Ads connectivity partner, so it’s time to take advantage of this channel.

To get started, reach out to our friendly support team [email protected].

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