Customer Story

Wirrina Cove Holiday Park

Victoria, Australia

I can not speak highly enough of the team from Newbook. Having had no previous experience in the Tourism industry and having just bought “Wirrina Cove Holiday Park”, a sizeable South Australian Caravan Park with no history supplied nor booking system, we were relieved to find a system that made sense, was easy to use and saved us time by the “bucket load”. We looked at and experimented with comparable booking systems and none compared with Newbook’s ease of use, without sacrificing in the complexity of tasks being able to be achieved.

Thrown in at the deep end and needing to run a business instantly, meant I didn’t have time for large amounts of training (1 hour in total!). Only now, after 5 months of using Newbook am I seeing the added benefits that Newbook has to offer. My accountant loves it.

Whilst being user-friendly, Newbook can handle tasks beyond our needs and seems to be evolving all the time, based on user feedback.

Newbook is totally logical and the few questions I did have were resolved instantly by the support team of Newbook.

Benjamin Taylor

It costs us marginally more than the opposing booking systems per month but saves us money and a huge amount of time training new staff etc because of its ease of use. Newbook is the way of the future and I LOVE IT!

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