Automated Communication

Interaction is the key to
a positive guest experience.

While it may be a little like herding cats, ensuring you communicate with your guests at all the most important moments is the key to providing an exceptional guest experience every time. Because we know this, we did a lot of work to automate it for you — and make the process seamless!

Improve guest experience
Customer experience statistics from Smart Insights1 show the most effective tactic above loyalty programs, brand campaigns and social media engagement is guest feedback.
Future-proof your business
research by Forbes2 showed that companies who invest in guest experience are 10 times more resilient to change and adversity.
Invest in growth
The Forbes research also showed that those companies focused on guest experience are 3 likely to grow their customer base.

Make guest communication easy

Forget repetitive email building, with automated guest communication! Newbook pulls relevant information from the guest booking to populate and send the important information for booking confirmations, pre-arrival emails, contactless check-in, mid or post stay surveys and more!

Drive revenue

Drive a better guest experience and increase revenue with automated SMS.

Newbook can automatically check your guests room availability, and offer a stay extension with a special discount, if the guest replies ‘yes’ it will update the booking in the system. You can also offer late checkouts, stay extensions and more!

Increase flow and conversions

Remind your guests of actions that need to be made by a specified date — for example, you can send a quote expiry reminder at several intervals before the quote cancellation and include a link to confirm and convert the quote into a booking, helping you to effortlessly increase conversions. Do the same for any outstanding deposits, by scheduling reminders prior to the deposit-due date.

You can set, so no-one forgets

  • Booking confirmations

    An essential email and an opportunity to provide additional, important information.
  • Notifications to owners of bookings placed

    Keep everyone in your portfolio in the loop, so they can provide a better guest experience.
  • Payment receipts

    It’s an important thing that’s not to be missed – so automate it and you won’t miss a thing.
  • Pre-arrival FAQ emails

    Accommodation research3 showed that 63% of guest messages have the same 8 questions.
  • Guest arrival confirmations

    You don’t want your guests second-guessing the details, so give them the confidence of an automated confirmation.
  • Reminders of quotes or bookings expiring

    When people forget, revenue slips through the cracks. Keep it all covered and keep those booking rolling in.
  • Reminders of outstanding balances and deposits

    You don’t need to hound people, when the system can follow them up for you.
  • Online registration forms

    Fast-track the check-in process by sending all the forms you need to be filled prior to arrival, like Covid declarations, and pet policies.
  • Welcome emails

    What a great opportunity to reinforce a positive guest experience — don’t miss it!
  • Check-in instructions

    You don’t even need anyone at the front desk if all the details are delivered on time, with a full set of directions.
  • Site security codes

    A discrete way of sharing sensitive and secure information with guests, any time of the day or night.
  • Promotional offers, upgrades and booking enhancements

    Keep them coming back, with timely and personalized communication based on the data you collect.
  • Mid-stay survey SMS

    Make sure your guests are enjoying their stay by asking for a quick 1-10 response, rating their experience.
  • Late check-out offers

    Maximize revenue while you offer your guests the chance to take their time and relax, for a small fee.
  • Post-stay follow-ups

    Nothing says you care more than a post-stay survey and a discount for booking again soon!

Built-in bookings map.

Did you know you can include your bookings map in any automated email? Build it in or attach it as a PDF document, so your guests will have an electronic copy, complete with a handy map marker indicating the location of their site or room. Great for when guests arrive after your reception area has closed.

Prepare them for everything

Rain, hail, or shine, you can help your guests prepare for their stay by adding a 5-day weather forecast, events or activities during their stay, and other upsell offers to an automated email. This is perfect for arrival letters or any automated email you send prior to check-in.

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