Revenue management

The system does the math
and shows you the money.

Money management is built in with Newbook, giving you automated commission management on OTA bookings, clear visibility on package deals and add-ons, upselling tools to increase revenue and dynamic pricing that makes the most of your busy periods.

Commission management
When third-party bookings drop into the system, it automatically raises the correct commission amount and handles payments.
Upselling tools
Offer stay extensions and room or site upgrades automatically by SMS and send interactive promotions to your email database.
Dynamic pricing
Perfect for permanent or long-term guests, easily updated with automatic receipting. Learn more about dynamic pricing

Packages un-complicated

Newbook makes it easy to offer multiple rates through ‘rate packages’, such as a nightly rate with an additional benefit like bed and breakfast or a kayak tour.

Revenue is separated so you can report on dollars earned for each component.

Make specials stand out

When you offer special deals, they won’t get lost in the ledger. You can make special deals stand out through a discounted rate, such as ‘Stay 3, Pay 4’.

You’ll have visibility over the separation because it doesn’t just appear as a reduced rate, but a separate rate.

Feature rich

  • Abandoned cart feature

    Keep on top of bookings that have been left hanging, automatically sending stragglers a direct link to pick up where they left off and finalize their online reservation.
  • Keep them in the booking loop

    The online booking system will offer different dates or room categories if requested and searched dates are booked out.
  • It’s win/win, with interactive promotions

    Create your brand’s own digital Scratch-and-Win promotions and send by email or SMS — the perfect way to get active participation in your offers!
  • Granular reporting on commissions

    The inbuilt channel manager allows you to connect with OTAs and other channel managers — calculating your specified commission for different providers.

See how dynamic it really is!

Being able to manage dynamic pricing directly through your Newbook PMS is a huge advantage. Watch this short video to see a simple demonstration of how it works. Discover more about dynamic pricing!

Crunch the numbers, and much more, with Newbook

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