Introducing your new look Newbook

We’re so excited to share some very exciting news and updates coming to NewBook on March 15th! Here’s everything you need to know.

We’re celebrating 13 years of operations at Newbook! Over those years, we’ve evolved considerably, but remain true to our roots of:

✓ market-leading reliability ✓ first-class support ✓ game changing innovation

Recently, we’ve been on a journey to redefine our brand to reflect who we are in the marketplace as a leading global property management system. So, it’s time for a refresh! Soon, you’ll notice a new modern logo and a fun new colour palette as you interact with us. 

This is the start of a very exciting journey.

Behind the scenes, we’ve invested in developing a cutting-edge PMS of the future. You can expect a modern interface, an intuitive user experience, and an even more powerful back-end engine.

The first phase to be released is a re-skin. You’ll notice updates to align with our new brand, which makes it more modern, clean, and easier to navigate without any major operational changes.

See it in action!

How will this deliver you value?

Better user experience
Research, thorough testing, and a consistent look and feel means an interface that’s more intuitive and easier to use.

Faster load speeds
Modern best practices allow for lightning-fast speeds when loading and generating large data sets.

More features, faster
The use of a more consistent code applications means an improved speed of delivery when it comes to new features

Compliant with web accessibility
The entire system will be compliant with Accessibility standards to ensure it works for everyone, no matter their ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Newbook interface changing? 

We’re innovators. We’re passionate about providing you with best in market products to run your business.  

The front end that you use on a daily basis, will have a modern new look. It will be more intuitive for you and new staff, allow you to complete actions with less clicks, and provide a better user experience.  

The back-end engine will be enhanced even further for faster load speeds and improved speed of delivery meaning we can bring you more innovations faster.

How big of a change is the reskin going to be? 

Minimal. Expect to see a modern and light interface!

It’s quite simply an update of colours to reflect our new branding. We’ve utilised UX and UI research and thorough user testing to ensure the colours are applied strategically for an intuitive user experience. We have also made some minor user experience changes to ensure consistency throughout the system. 

Do I need to re-train my staff for the reskin?  

Absolutely not. The way you operate with Newbook will remain the same. 

I customise the colours of my Newbook, can I still do that?  

Yes. You will have the flexibility to change the menu colour on a per-user basis.

How do I implement the new look? 

We’ll do it for you! When you log in on March 15th, the new look NewBook will be live. There’s no need for you to do a thing. 

I’m still feeling nervous about this change, how are you going to support me?  

We are here to support you round the clock. Please contact our support team directly if you have any concerns. 

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