19 Million Aussies Ready to Go Camping

June 17th, 2020 | Written by: admin

Australians are keen to get back on the road, with a survey of Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s audience showing that 80% wish to take a caravan or camping holiday in the next two months, providing a much-needed boost to regional Australia and the tourism industry. The caravan and camping lifestyle is deep rooted in the Australian psyche, with 19 million Australians indicating they would consider staying in a caravan Park according to new research released by Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

“By design, caravan parks have large open spaces, cabin accommodation and many caravans / RV’s have their own toilet, shower, kitchen and air con systems reducing the need to use shared facilities. Caravan parks have also increased strong cleaning and hygiene practices in place” said Keelan Howard GM of Marketing & Communications, Caravan Industry Association of Australia In addition, caravan parks don’t rely on shared corridors and lifts to reach their accommodation and have recently introduced specific staff training re COVID best practices and cleaning of high frequency touchpoints to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday option for Australians.

According to Tourism Research Australia, Australians spent a total of 59 million nights caravan and camping in 2019, making caravan and camping the most popular accommodation option for Australians! The ‘Real Richness’ research report highlights that there is a lot of truth to the saying ‘happy campers’ with many benefits to both physical and mental wellbeing by enjoying a camping trip. “People who go camping are happier, more optimistic, less stressed, feel closer to their partner and their children compared to those who don’t” said Mr Howard. As increased freedoms are gradually extended in different states this is the perfect opportunity to take a trip to reconnect, refresh and reenergise. Naturally, caravan and camping trips offer a great way to visit regions through Australia and support local communities independently – if you want a safe and fun holiday that supports regional Australia and the hard-hit tourism industry, book your next camping holiday now!

Published by AccomNews – 10 June 2020. Click here to read the original article.

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