Simplifying Long Term & Seasonal Campers with your Reservations System

The secret to long-term guest & seasonal camper management

Choosing the right reservation system. Look for this functionality:

  • Recurring Billing
  • Add & Bill Extra Charges
  • Modifying Bookings (during the guest’s stay)
  • Bulk Update ‘Master’ Rates
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Self-Service Tech
  • Automated Guest Communication
  • Document Storage
  • Dedicated Support 24/7

How much time do you spend managing your long-term and seasonal guests? Sending and managing invoices, once-off payments, updating rates?

Did you know it can be done automatically from your property management software – one system to manage short-term AND long-term guests?

Choosing the right Property Management Software

Not all PMS or Reservations Systems can handle both short-term and long-term guests.

Review your requirements and how much time you and your team spend doing things manually, as well as any lost revenue.

It might be time to upgrade your software.

What is a long-term guest?

Guests staying with you for an extended period. This could be longer than 3 weeks, 28 days, or longer.

In NewBook YOU decide what length of stay = long term. Ie. Longer than 2 weeks or longer than 2 months.

What is a seasonal camper?

Guests that come and enjoy staying with you for part of or an entire season, such as summer. These guests might be repeat customers who come every year.

What SHOULD your Reservations System handle automatically?

Recurring Billing 

Customise your (or your guests) preferred billing cycle, weekly, monthly, or customised – every 3 weeks or 8 days. At NO charge to you for each guest payment.

Add & Bill Extra Charges

ONGOING: Add extra ongoing charges such as utilities, to include in recurring billing or separately at any time.

ONCE OFF: Send one-off charges ad hoc, when required, automatically. Such as a once off levy for lawn maintenance, pest control, or any other fee by applying to all long term guests’ rather than setting up individual billing.

Automate Meter Reading

Automated meter reading & billing – update the meter value at each site in the system on your tablet or phone to automatically update your guest account and process the charges.

OR use an integration such as Wild Energy that connects to the meters, automatically read them, adds the charges, and processes to your guest’s account.

Guest Communication 

Easily communicate with all your guests, by sending bulk SMS or email updates.

Current Guests: Generate a list of all guests currently staying to let them know about power outages, restaurant closures, or any other important updates.

See if your guest has opened or viewed your SMS or email.

Upcoming Stays: Let your guests know you’re excited to have them soon, send check-in information, any documents they need to sign, gate codes, activities you’re offering, and local events.

Modifying Bookings (during the guests stay)

Extend or shorten your guests’ stay without creating a new booking.

Bulk Update Master’ Rates

Update the rates for site categories in bulk. If you have 80 long-term guests, across 4 different site categories update them just once, rather than individually!

Self-Service Tech

Email your long-term guests their seasonal agreements (lease or letting agreement) once they sign electronically you are notified, and the signed agreement automatically updates against their account.

Document Storage 

Save your guests’ documents such as seasonal agreements, insurance policies, and other documents in a single, cloud-based drive, you can access anywhere. View these documents in the drive if you are viewing all seasonal agreements’ or against the profile, if you are looking for Alicia Smith’s’ seasonal agreement.

Automating my communications has saved my team so much time!

Lascelles Ballarat Manager.

But this must cost a fortune and be hard to set up, right?

NewBook handles all of the above and MORE as an added bonus the system is VERY COST EFFECTIVE!

We even created a pricing comparison so you can see how much you save by switching systems. (that’s before considering all the extra features!)

Dedicated Support 24/7

You will also have dedicated customer support to get you set up, trained, and be there 24/7 for any questions. We are with you every step of the way.

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