4 Tips To Enhance Your Guest Experience

In this blog, we’re here to share the top 4 things you can do to enhance the guest experience at your property.

Offer an online booking option

As of 2022, the online travel bookings industry is worth $1.1 billion – so your guests are booking online.

If you’re already offering online bookings – make sure it’s seamlessly integrated. Up to 80% of website visitors drop off during the booking process. So ensuring this process is as simple and easy as possible is key. How? Use an integrated booking engine. Keep your call to actions i.e ‘Book Now’ obvious and easy to follow. A great tip for this is to have someone who doesn’t frequently look at your website run through the booking process for you.

Mobile responsiveness is key

It’s likely you’re sick of hearing about mobile responsiveness, and I don’t blame you. But you keep hearing it for a reason – it’s essential now. Depending on your market between up to 90% of online bookings (or the holiday research – just as important) occur on mobile.

That means, whatever accommodation business you are in – a large portion of your guests want to be able to book or research via their phone. Is your site responsive?

Pre-arrival communications

First impressions count. Ensure you provide guests with all the info they need prior to arrival. You could include the local weather forecast, activities you run, upcoming local events, a property map, and options to purchase add-ons (meaning more revenue for you too!).

Mid-stay survey

Do you take advantage of mid-stay surveys? Check in with your guests a few hours after they have arrived with a one-question SMS survey asking them to rate their experience so far from 1 to 10. This gives you the opportunity to turn around any low scores, while it still matters. This prevents bad online reviews after they have left, and your guests will appreciate the gesture.

If you’d like to hear more, our team have plenty more tips to share, so reach out anytime.

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